Mike East, proud inventor of Smart Leveler, a digital water level

The idea behind the Smart Leveler® digital water level was conceived by Mike East in 1995.  At the time, Mike was employed as a heavy crane operator for a land development company in Lexington, Kentucky.  In his job, accurate elevation measurement was a constant challenge with no compact, easy-to-use leveling devices available that could be operated by one person.

One sleepless night, it dawned on Mike that there had to be a better way to accurately measure elevations without the hassle of setting up a cumbersome, complicated transit level that delivered marginal results at best.  His only other option was a primitive water level consisting of simple jug filled with antifreeze and a length of tubing. Based on the ancient Pascal principal of hydrodynamics that water always seeks its own level, the water jug level was still the best tool available to measure levels over distance.

That night, Mike envisioned a level that could be based on the indisputable principals of Pascal, yet employ the latest electronics that would make his leveling tool simple to use, easy to read, highly accurate, compact to transport, construction-site durable – and able to be operated by one person. The idea behind Smart Leveler was born.

how-water-level-worksAfter working out kinks in his original prototype, Mike formed Digital Leveling Systems in 1995 to bring his new digital oil level to market. The mobile home industry was the first industry to adopt this electronic oil level as a replacement for their primitive water jug levels. For the first time, this industry had a level that provided plus and minus readings, rather than simply “level”.  Furthermore, it was easy for even unskilled workers to use, and tough enough to withstand the rigors of on-site construction.

Soon, the home inspection industry discovered Mike’s electronic oil level.  Home inspectors were missing structural problems, leading to consumer complaints, E&O claims, and lawsuits. The DLS level solved their problem by providing accurate, documented, repeatable readings that eliminated guesswork.  It wasn’t long before contractors impacted by home inspector’s evaluations realized they should have the same tools available to them.  Land developers, foundation installers; paving contractors, deck builders, and landscapers quickly realized the value and protection this tool would provide.

Over the past 19 years, Mike’s digital water level has continually been refined and improved, featuring the latest digital technologies. It is the fastest, most accurate leveling tool in its category and costs half as much as its nearest competitor. Today, our technologically advanced digital model, the Smart Leveler®, is virtually maintenance-free, built job-site tough, and temperature stable from 0 to 100 degrees F.

From Smart Leveler’s original prototype through all its technological refinements and improvements our goal has been the same – to give our customers the finest, most accurate digital water level available to help them do their work productively and profitably.  Smart Leveler delivers on that goal and is proudly made in the USA.