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Smart Leveler vs laser

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There are several excellent reasons why your tool arsenal is not complete without a rugged Smart Leveler to compliment your elevation measurement equipment. Here are 6 of the more obvious.

Easy – How many times have you misfigured your story pole? This is particularly true if you have people working with you who are not as qualified as you are! There are no calculations with SL. The reading on the display is the height above or below your start point or reference. All of the fractional addition and subtraction are eliminated. A ten your old can figure grade with SL. I’ve literally seen it done!

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Around corners – How many times have you had to move your laser to get all the readings you need and had to reestablish your reference? This is complicated and time consuming. Anywhere you can go over, around, behind, under, etc. with SL you have an accurate reading all working off the same starting reference point.

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Fast – Smart Leveler gives accurate readings as quickly as you can set the base unit down and walk to the location you wish to check. In many cases where you want to simply double check a grade or elevation you will be back in your truck and gone with SL before you even have time to set up your laser.

Makes Grade Work SimpleIMG_8992 12Simple Grade Work is Finished Before Other Equipment Can Even Be Setup

Accurate – Plus or Minus 0.1, (1/10) inch.    Ever drop a laser and wonder if you’ve screwed up the accuracy? and when was the last time you had your laser professionally calibrated? No problems with SL. Simply pull out the tape measure and compare to the SL readings. If SL does happen to be off a tenth or two adjust it yourself on the job! Plus SL is as accurate at the maximum distance from your start point as it is right where you started. This is another advantage of a fluid based level.

Tough – Drop a laser and you may be out of luck or at least out of calibration with no way to fix this on the job site. When’s the last time you ran over a laser with a truck and it kept working? SL is literally the “Toughest Level on the Planet!”

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Inexpensive – How many times have expensive tools disappeared? Have you ever needed your laser on more than one job at the same time?  You can buy 5 SLs for the price of one professional laser.

  • Fast setup in seconds!
  • Single person operation
  • Works around corners and obstructions
  • Works in bright sunlight
  • 2-year warranty