Denise Lee

Managing the day to day overall operation of OTI as well as the often playful shenanigans of the sales, logistics, and office folk, is little miss sunshine herself: Dee Lee. I say this with the utmost respect and admiration, Dee is the bright light that shines from the Monday sales meetings ’til the end of often very long and tough days and weeks. Her strong spirit and love of work and a job well done is the reflection of the OTI “way of doing business”. Although she does know how to hold her own and go toe to toe with the toughest opposition when need be,  Dee much prefers to compliment, inspire, and nurture good hard work and the “right” way of doing business. A true asset and gem of OTI Dee has worked her way up from the beginning and fuels the OTI spirit. A joy to work with!