After 5 years of development the first true Smart Level is here!

Developed with the 22 years of service and experience from manufacturing precision construction altimeters of Mike East and his team, this instrument is unmatched by anything in the industry. The state of the art processing power of the true Smart Level allows for endless possibilities as the level can actually learn and adjust to the many various environments and uses encountered in everyday construction, inspection, and engineering applications we have encountered over the past 2 decades. Countless apps can be written fully customizing Smart Level’s ability to store and reproduce the data in virtually any means imaginable. And with the most powerful Bluetooth on the market all of this data and control is not only at your fingertips on the level but on your laptop, smart phone, or any device of your choice. Smart Level can even be programmed to control industrial processes such as lifting equipment, (hydraulic rams and jacking systems), level control, (concrete and masonry), remote level control, (micro tunneling, loading cargo ships), etc.

  • Shock, Stress, and Water Resistant
  • Accurate to plus or minus 0.1 (1/10) inch
  • Never return for expensive factory calibration or recharge
  • Any service can easily be done yourself if ever necessary – see buy direct for component pricing
  • 2-year warranty
  • Made in USA, Nashville, TN


Here is a preview of the level.

Button functions

App demo

Firmware Upgrade



Specifications sheet


Download pdf sheet with new product specifications



Customized app development for franchises, specific industrial uses, and distributors logo etc is underway and will continue indefinitely.

For more info, any questions or inquiries, call 1-800-472-3741 or email




Mike East

Founder and president, Smart Level LLC