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3-D Image Mapping(151) Smart Level iOS 3-D Terrain Image Mapping – YouTube
3D Terrain MappingVideo


  • Do you have to unwind all of the tubing?
    No, just make sure the reel does not move once you start the job. This is your reference and if you move it you have changed all of your readings to this point.
  • Will the level work in rain & wet conditions? Yes
  • Can the reel set upright or does it need to be flat on it’s side?
    The level is slightly more accurate with the reel on it’s side, reservoir facing up. It does not have to be perfectly level, just stable.
  • Does the tubing need to lay flat?
    No, you can snake the tubing over, under around or through any objects. It doesn’t matter.
  • I’m having trouble connecting my phone to the level.
    Make sure your bluetooth is enabled on your phone. You may need to turn it off and back on. Make sure you have the BT icon showing on the level. Go to top 3 dots, click Bluetooth Scanner and look for Laird. Touch this to connect if necessary. See the videos below.
  • I’m not getting Z readings on my phone. Make sure you are connected. see videos below
  • I’m having trouble in 3D Mapping. Go to 3D Mapping video below
  • Requires iPhone 7 or newer updated to the latest operating system See specifications below 3D Mapping available on Android later this year

3-D Terrain Mapping Tutorial

Firmware & App:

Updating App and Firmware. Latest version firmware is C: SMART LEVEL – App and Firmware Update – YouTube


Smart Level Button Functions: The True Smart Level Button Function – YouTube

U-Level Connecting to the App:

U-Level App Operation:

U-Level App Options and Settings:

U-Level 3D Mapping, Quick version:

3D Terrain Mapping Tutorial:

Range Function:

Engineering- Feet above Sea Level:

% of Slope Button:


Replacing Tubing at Display:

Replacing Tubing At Reservoir:

Removing Reel to Untangle Tubing:

Bleeding Air at Display, Older Units:   Not all Bluetooth models have the bleed plug and the ones that do it is under the back cover

Bleeding Air or Filling Reservoir: