Beyond the USA, DLS has customers in New Zealand, Australia, The Philippines, Norway, Korea and Canada.

State inspectors in Kentucky have been using the level for over a decade, and numerous state inspectors across the country rely on the level for accurate elevation surveys.

Listed below are some of the many state and national associations and franchises whose members rely on our level, as well as industry partners who recommend DLS levels.


Elite InspectInsure -


Foundation of Real Estate Appraisers
Washington Group/Alberici,
Prime Contractor for US Army Corp of Engineers
IASM, International Association of Structural Movers
TASM, Texas Association of Structural Movers

TAREI, Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors

CREIA, California Real Estate Inspection Association
FRA, Foundation Repair Association
ASHI, American Society of Home Inspectors
AII, American Institute of Inspectors
NACHI, National Association of Certified Home Inspectors
Pillar To Post, Home Inspection Franchise
A-Pro, Home Inspection Franchise
Kenneth R. Scott, P.E.


The following business and engineering firms use the DLS Electronic Water Level.
Civil Engineering Design Group (CDG)- 760-599-8585, A Professional Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering Company
Private Eyes Engineers, 760-599-8566, Providing Forensic Assessments in Soil, Geological, and Structural Engineering
Home Inspections, San Diego, CA 858-518-9910

General Building Contractor, San Diego, CA 619-409-7134
The following schools and training facilities teach the use and importance of our levels to their students.
ITA, Inspection Training Associates- Building Inspection Institute, San Antonio College


What Our Customers Say About Us


“One of the guys I recently hired had one. Once we used the electronic digital level we were so impressed with its accuracy and ease of use we will use them on all our foundation inspections.”

John Moses, President, CEO
Inspectex Corporation

” I bought a Digital Leveling System from you two years ago at a TAREI conference.  I use it frequently for the benefit of removing any doubt about foundation issues when other visual indicators are just not prominent. I have given peace of mind to customers who thought they had serious issues when in fact they did not. I have also revealed major problems that were just not visible to the naked eye without this technology. The Digital Leveling System is by far one of the best bargain tools an inspector can buy for the money. It has saved my customers thousands of dollars not to mention the money I have made using the system.

Mike thanks for a great tool. “
John Peitsmeyer
Full House Inspections
205 Lake Dr.
China Spring, TX 76633


” We jack the house level and install new timber piles. I plot the height of each pile by crawling under the house. We locate the high point then jack the rest of the piles to the same height. The water level is alot easier than using a laser and string lines. as it can go around corners.

Thanks ”

Ben Nyssen



Steven L. Beshear

Public Protection Cabinet
Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction

101 Sea Hero Road, Suite 100
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-5405
Telephone: (502) 573 – 1795
Fax: (502) 573-1059
Web site:

March 23, 2012

” I just wanted to send you a short note about your leveling system. As you know, my inspectors have been using your system for about fourteen years now to certify the homes we inspect are within the allowable tolerance. There are several certified installers who use the same system when installing these homes. We have found the system to be very reliable, accurate, and easy to use as long as the maintenance required is maintained.

Thanks for developing and innovating this system. ”

Dan Chapman,

Manufactured Housing
Building Codes Enforcement
Department of Housing, Building, and Construction

” I have been a professional home inspector for the last 10 years. Prior to that, I was an engineer for Boeing Aircraft company. I purchased the digital leveling system after my first year of inspections to help me determine the levelness of the foundation. It is easy to use, durable, and reliable, no training necessary. I take the device in every home I inspect and take quick readings on the main floor and can determine within a tenth inch if any deviation is present. It also adds additional information to my report which is invaluable to my client. The tool can be used by any homeowner to determine if unnecessary foundation movement has/is occurring so drainage issues can be addressed to help ward off possible expensive foundation repairs. “

Rick Barr
Bow Tie Home Inspection

” Digital Leveling System’s “Electronic Water Level” is a must for every home inspector that is serious about their business. The value added to the inspection combined with the protection and information the level offers both the inspector and client make this tool an indispensable part of a comprehensive inspection. Not only is the inspector getting paid more for presenting his client with better documented data, but it sets the inspector up for repeat business especially in areas where homes settling is a problem. Peace of mind for the client- money in the pocket for the inspector- this is a win/win proposition.  “


Nick Gromicko
Founder, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc.
Executive Director, International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants, Inc.
Director, Master Inspector Certification Board,
Co-Host, www.NACHI.TV
President, ComInspect,
Licensed general contractor
Licensed septic system installer
Author, 15 books, 200+ articles

” In major construction, there are no small details. We make careful decisions to ensure that we have the right tool for every job. The DLS Water Level was exactly the right tool for controlling the level of these beams as we raised them. “

Quote from Wade Miller, Precast Plant Manager
Washington Group/Alberici
Joint Venture- Olmsted Dam Project
See Olmsted Lock & Dam Project