Congratulations on the purchase of your new Smart Leveler® digital water level.  Your Smart Leveler is designed to set-up in seconds and is calibrated right out of the box.  Simply adjust your reference (zero) point by turning the adjustments screw on top of the display and you’re ready to go.



Storing your Smart Leveler digital water level properly will provide you with years of trouble-free operation.  It is important to store your level with the display tubing facing down, either standing upright, or on its side, like in the diagram below.  In the event your Smart Leveler is stored improperly and develops air bubbles, follow the instructions for our oil-based models to remove air bubbles.


Smart Leveler is calibrated for use right out of the box!  Should your unit ever need fine-tuning, simply follow the instructions in the diagram below.


Tips: Getting the Most out of Your New Smart-Leveler®

  • Built tough and designed to work in extreme on-site conditions, your Smart Leveler is typically accurate within .1” over its entire radius.
  • Designed to read to 120” vertical, the level loses some accuracy beyond 96” and is most accurate near 0” vertical. Horizontally, Smart Leveler is as accurate at 100 ft. as it is a 1 ft.
  • Extreme temperature changes may cause slight variations in the readings, so it’s best to allow 10 to 15 minutes for the level to settle out when taken from one temperature extreme to the other. For best results, leave the level in sunlight when working out in the sun, or in the shade when working in shaded areas.
  • A low battery could also affect accuracy so please replace the 9v battery when the “low bat” symbol illuminates in the upper left corner of the display. Your unit features an automatic shut-off feature that activates at 18 minutes idle.  The switch only turns the level on, not off.
  • A low battery will also affect accuracy, and is indicated by the “low bat” symbol in the upper left corner of the display.
  • Smart Leveler is equipped with an auto shut-off battery saver feature. The switch only turns the level on not off. The level will shut off by itself in 18 minutes.
  • Your level is not designed to operate with any type of fluid other than that supplied by the factory. Filling with anything other than factory fluid will void the warranty.


If you have questions, please contact us.