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Storing your Smart Leveler digital water level properly will provide you with years of trouble-free operation.  It is important to store your level with the display tubing facing down, either standing upright, or on its side, like in the diagram below.  In the event your Smart-Level is stored improperly and develops air bubbles, follow the instructions below to remove air bubbles.



There are two adjustments – zero and scale – for fine tuning the level.

  1. Set the reel on it’s side- reservoir remaining strapped onto the reel- and the display set flat beside the reel.
  2. Adjust the display zero screw to read zero.
  3. Measure a table and adjust the display to read the exact height. (In the photos the table is 28.0 inches high
  4. Set flat beside table.
  5. Adjust display zero screw till display reads zero.
  6. Raise display to table- adjust scale to read 28.0 inches

Set flat beside table.

Adjust display zero screw till display reads zero

Raise display to table- adjust scale to read 28.0


Removing Air Bubbles

CAUTION: The 1996-2012 models use red RV & Marine Antifreeze only – active ingredient : Propylene Glycol. Use of any other fluid may void the warranty.

Air bubbles trapped in the tube may cause slight variations with larger bubbles causing greater variations. A bubble 1/4″ or smaller (about the size of a pencil eraser) will generally not cause a noticeable problem. Larger bubbles should be bled out.

To bleed the display :

  1. Hold the display unit lower than the reservoir with the tube pointed down.
  2. Back the brass hex bleed plug out until all the air bleeds out, and then retighten the plug.
  3. If the air bubble is closer to the reservoir, hold the tubing so the air travels into the reservoir. You may have to shake the reservoir for the air to pass through the black adapter where the tubing connects to the reservoir.

Filling reservoir


Checking Reservoir Fluid Level

Check the reservoir for the proper fluid level. If the reservoir is low, too full or has too much air trapped in it, the readings will not hold steady. The reservoir should be approximately 2/3 full for ideal operation.


To fill the reservoir :

  1. Set the reservoir on its side with the bleed plug facing up
  2. Remove plug and fill completely
  3. Replace the plug loosely
  4. Set the reservoir flat
  5. Back the plug out until the fluid starts to drip out and bleed down to approximately 2/3 full. The diaphragm must have room to expand to allow for temperature changes.


Flushing the System

If too much air becomes trapped in the line or near the middle of the tubing, the complete system can be flushed by following the instructions below.

To flush the system :

  1. Fully unwind tubing.
  2. Remove the reservoir from the reel.
  3. Remove the reservoir cover and filler plug.
  4. Completely submerge the reservoir in a pail or bucket of RV antifreeze, with the plug hole facing up, with the pail 4 to 5 feet higher than the display.
  5. Remove the brass hex bleed plug from the bottom edge of display and allow antifreeze to siphon through the system as you would with a regular water level. You may need to raise the reservoir higher to start the siphon. It takes about 10 minutes to flush the entire system once the siphoning has been started.
  6. When all of the air has been flushed out, replace the bleed plug in the display and fill the reservoir as per the instructions in the section above.


Replacement Parts

Replacement components can be ordered here.