Building and home inspectors depend on the accuracy of their work to ensure that construction meets local and national building codes, ordinances and contract specifications. That’s why so many inspectors depend on Smart Leveler® digital water level to produce accurate measurements that eliminate the guesswork and verify alignment, level and elevation of structures to ensure building code compliance.

Smart Leveler gives engineers an ideal tool for conducting forensic evaluations on damaged structures, and will help them identify the root source of foundation failures. Better yet, its versatility allows engineers to measure elevations around walls and obstructions in a fraction of the time required by other levels.

Rarely do you have a clear line of sight in which to take a measurement. Unlike laser levels and transit levels, Smart Leveler does not require a straight line of site and works perfectly around corners and obstructions.

Decisions to invest in homes often hinge on home inspections. Lenders are unlikely to approve loans for homes with foundation problems. With Smart Leveler, inspectors are able to deliver precise numerical measurements
that give owners and lenders confidence their investments are based on accurate data and meet code requirements.

The Smart Leveler will also generate additional revenues for your home inspection business. Elevation surveys can increase revenues $100 – $200 per job and help differentiate your business from competitors. Follow-up surveys after normal settling will produce additional revenue for your business.

Smart Leveler digital water level also provides a level of protection for your business. According to FREA, fully 1/3 of all claims brought against home inspectors are structure related. Our digital water level delivers repeatable, numerical data that mitigates the possibility of disputes and costly lawsuits.

  • Home Inspectors
  • Building Inspectors
  • Engineers
  • Municipal Building Departments

Damon O’Donnell demonstrates Smart Leveler

“With the Smart Leveler, our engineers are able to gather accurate relative elevation measurements in a very timely fashion, especially when having to navigate through heavily furnished buildings or buildings with a significant amount of partitions.”
Asher Cohen, Professional Engineer, U.S. Forensic
“We’ve used Smart Leveler for the past 13 years.  It gives us a way to differentiate our business from competitors.  It has proven to be a valuable tool for our business.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we used the Smart Leveler to prove to insurance companies there had been a significant shifting of foundations, arbitrating any claim denials.”

Damon O’Donnell
A Pro Home Inspections
Gulf Breeze, FL