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A precision construction altimeter that delivers Fast, Easy, Accurate Readings even around obstructions.

  • Tough and Durable
  • Accurate, Easy to Read
  • Fast, One-Man Operation
  • Works Around Obstructions
  • Costs Less Than 1/2 Competitors’

Watch It Work

Mike East demonstrates Smart Leveler

Smart Leveler – Toughest Level on the Planet

More durable – Smart Leveler (formerly DLS) is ruggedly designed for use in extreme conditions. The entire electronic assembly is securely encapsulated in a solid block of polyurethane that provides solid protection from the elements and harsh environments, including shock.

Virtually maintenance free – Competitive products must be returned to the factory for recharge and calibration every 1-2 years.  Smart Leveler is virtually maintenance free, requiring little, if any maintenance, if used according to our recommendations.

Temperature stable – Smart Leveler is the only digital level in its class temperature stable from 0 to 100 degrees F.

Better Value – Smart Leveler costs half of its nearest competitor for a similar model, requires less maintenance, and is built to last for years.

Delivers greater profit – Faster to set up, easier to read, more dependable with little or no downtime, and value priced.

How Smart Leveler Digital Water Level Achieves Its Amazing Accuracy

The Smart Leveler® digital water level is a highly precise level that works on an ancient Pascal principal of hydrodynamics that water always seeks its own level.

how water level worksWhile the principal may be ancient, the technology behind the Smart Leveler is far from it!  The level consists of a sensitive, digital pressure gauge connected with tubing to a sealed fluid-filled reservoir. The pressure differential between the digital display and reservoir is determined by the height differential and provides accurate, repeatable elevation measurements of + or – level to 1/10 inch. While laser and optical levels lose accuracy with distance, the Smart Leveler is as accurate at 100’ as it is at 15’!

The Go-To Level For All Tradesmen

Smart Leveler® digital water level is used by contractors, building inspectors, landscapers, structure movers, pavers, floor installers, deck builders, fence installers, farmers, plumbers and even DIY handymen. Read more…

smart leveler is for all trades

Better Than Lasers or Transits Around Obstructions

Unlike transit levels and laser levels, The Smart Leveler® digital water level requires no clear line-of-sight and can work around obstructions!  The digital display renders quick, accurate readings and the simple, one-man operation guarantees better results in less time!  See Smart Leveler Advantage over Laser/Transit

Industry Best 1-Year Guarantee

Every Smart Leveler® digital water level comes with an industry-best 1 year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. See guarantee and return policy

Where To Purchase

Smart Leveler® digital water level is available through retailers and distributors: Find A Dealer, or

Field-Proven For Over 20 Years

Since entering the market in 1996, the Smart Leveler® digital water level has proven to be a dependable, rugged, and accurate tool. Today, Smart Leveler is used throughout North America as well as in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Become A Dealer

Our retail and distributor partners are making Smart Leveler the fastest growing level in its category.  If you are interested in becoming a Smart Leveler dealer, Contact Us

made in USA, Nashville, TN

A good alternative to zip level
Better than ziplevel for plumbing
leveling concrete forms
fast and easy leveling - more useful than nivcomp
Around corner leveling- more effective than compulevel